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Bhs Inggris kelas X: Congratulation, Invitation, Compliment, Offering

Ada beberapa contoh-contoh dialog nih yang aku buat waktu kelas X. Kalau ada yang salah mohon koreksinya :)

-    Congratulation
Cedric       : “Hallo, Diggory”
Diggory     : “Hi, you look so happy today”
Cedric       : “Yeah, I have finished my exam well and I got scholarship to study in Jerman.”
Diggory     : “Well done! Congratulation on your success!”
Cedric       : “Thank you Diggory”
Diggory     : “ You are welcome”

-    Invitation
Dimas     : “Hi, Des. Do you have time tonight?”
Desi        : “Yes, I have. What happen?”
Dimas     : “I would like to invite you to come my 17th birthday party.”
Desi        : “When will you have it?”
Dimas     : “at 07.00 p.m tonight.”
Desi        : “Well, I’ll come.”

-    Compliment
Lucy              : “Hi Meda, how are you?”
Andromeda   : “Fine, how about you?”
Lucy              : “Fine too”
Andromeda   : “Lucy, how beautiful you are with that red dress”
Lucy              : “Do you think so. My mother have just bought it for me last night.”
Andromeda   : “Yeah, you look so nice”
Lucy              : “Thank you Meda”

-    Offering
Lavender          : “Good afternoon Mrs. Petunia”
Mrs. Petunia     : “Good afternoon”
Lavender          : “You look so tired. Could I offer you a glass of lemon tea?”
Mrs. Petunia     : “Yes, I’d love to. Thank you Lavender.”
Lavender          : “You are welcome”

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